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  • Pelican Harbor Light Wins Bronze in London at the 2017 IWSC

    London, UK – July 26, 2017

    Southern Champion, producers of BuzzBallz and five new lines of premium spirits, took on the world’s finest spirits producers in the ring at the International Wine and Spirit Competition – and won. The company will sport six new medals in all, five for excellence in a double-blind tasting competition and one for outstanding packaging.

    Crooked Fox Bourbon Whiskey and XIII Kings Vodka each won Silver Outstanding medals while Pelican Harbor Dark Rum, Pelican Harbor Light Rum, and Andrew John’s Gin took home Bronze medals in their categories. Pelican Harbor Light Rum was also awarded the Packaging Bronze for its crowd-pleasing sunset bottle design.

    The International Wine and Spirit Competition is widely recognized by both industry and consumers as the world’s premiere spirits competition. The 2017 IWSC welcomed thousands of entries from over 80 countries and required nearly 400 expert judges to evaluate each in a double-blind tasting. With six shiny new metals, Southern Champion premium spirits continue their winning streak with judges and consumers alike.

    Sheba Khodadad
    6 Degrees Deep
    PR. Brand Development. Event Production.

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