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  • Pelican Harbor Rum Wins Top Scores in The Tasting Panel Magazine

    Carrollton, TX, May 24, 2018 –– Three of Southern Champion’s premium spirits earned top marks from The Tasting Panel Magazine in a splashy feature in the May 2018 issue. Southern Champion’s story, from ready-to-drink cocktails to “outstanding spirits,” appears above tasting notes and scores from critic Meredith May.

    Andrew John’s Premium Gin, “blessed with juniper from the Rocky Mountains,” earns a rating of 93; XIII Kings Vodka, praised for its smoothness, gets a 92; and Pelican Harbor Rum, which “lures your senses…to the Caribbean,” gets a 93. All three earn praise for their balance and clarity of flavor.

    The Category Report article, titled “Exploring an Endless Frontier,” profiles American distillers who are striving to combine tradition with innovation. With excellent ratings from critics and consumers alike, Southern Champion continues to strike just the right balance between the two and produce some of the finest premium spirits on the market.

    About BuzzBallz/Southern Champion:

    BuzzBallz began in 2009, by the edge of a backyard pool in between a pile of papers to be graded and, of course, a cocktail. Merrilee Kick was a high school teacher working on her master’s degree when she realized she was on to something big. The poolside drink sparked an idea that would revolutionize American cocktail culture and shake up the liquor industry in more ways than one.

    Fast forward to 2018, Kick has successfully created one of the fastest growing ready-to-drink brands nationwide, with distribution in 42 states and seven international countries. She has also expanded her business’ portfolio to include premium spirits and wines under the name Southern Champion, one of the only women-owned distilleries in the country. Based out of Carrollton, Texas, Kick’s family owned and operated facility continues to prosper with a team of creative, dedicated people who share her vision. We hope you join us on our journey! Cheers from our family to yours. To learn more about BuzzBallz/Southern Champion, visit http://www.southern-champion.com/.

    Media Contact:
    Sheba Khodadad, PR
    6 Degrees Deep
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